Clarifications regarding hirings in public sector

Clarifications regarding hirings in public sector

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Concerning continuing reports in print and electronic media about alleged increases in hiring personnel and the violation of our country’s commitments to our partners, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance forcefully disproves and clarifies that:

Restrictions in effect have been faithfully observed, following an agreement with Troika as well. In particular:

A)   Regarding regular staff:

- In 2011, the agreed, maximum amount of personnel to be recruited is 8,000.  During that year, recruitment amounted to 5,633 regular
staff (mainly in the Ministries of Defense, Health, Justice, Education and
Citizen Protection).

- At the same time, there were 3,424 transfers of regular personnel from the
wider public sector.

- Therefore, the total number of permanent employees who were hired in the public sector during 2011 amounted to 9,057, a figure which is obviously far removed from the data that was reported in the press.

The above data show that during the year 2011, there was an excess in the maximum number allowed for recruitment, by 1,057.  This happened because of the change in hiring ratio from 1:5 to 1:10 in the middle of the year, on July 1, 2011. The Troika was informed in a timely manner, however, and it was agreed this slight excess would be estimated as a reduction in regular staff recruitment of the year 2012.

B) As for the temporary staff, recruitment for the year 2010 decreased by 30% in correspondence with the year 2009.

- For the year 2011, recruitment was limited by 15% compared to the year 2010. Particularly for the second half of 2011, recruitment decreased by 50% compared to 2010, while in the coming years, a 10% reduction is forecast until 2015 inclusively.

- Approvals given for the years 2009, 2010, and 2011 were 133,852, 63,874 and 34,959, respectively. According to these figures, it is obvious that there is a stable and escalating reduction of approvals.

As can be easily understood, information based on notes that have not yet been verified by the public services, create distortions and unfavorable perceptions of the image of our country abroad.